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     Focal Chorus 714 Black

Ürün Kodu : Focal Chorus 714 Black
Üretici : Focal
Fiyat : 1200 Euro (KDV Dahil)
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Focal Chorus 714 Black
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The smallest of the Chorus floorstanders exhibits a fine form with a minimal footprint. Elaborate yet balanced, the Chorus 714 benefits from two 5" (14cm) woofers in a 2-and-a-half way configuration to deliver solid bass. Ideal for rooms of 15 to 25m2. Type: 2 1/2 way bass-reflex floor standing speaker.

Type2-1/2 way bass-reflex floorstanding speaker 
Drivers5" (14cm) Polyglass woofer 5" (14cm) Polyglass mid-bass 1" (25mm) TNV Al/Mg inverted dome tweeter 
Frequency response (+or-3dB)52Hz - 28kHz 
Low frequency point43Hz 
Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m)91dB 
Nominal impedance8 Ohms 
Minimum impedance4.2 Ohms 
Crossover frequency300Hz / 3 000Hz 
Recommended amplifier power25 - 150W 
Dimensions (HxWxD)35-7/16 x 8 x 11-5/8" 
Net weight35.6Ibs (16kg)

Chorus 700 loudspeakers

Forget the ordinary

Being one of the world leaders in highend loudspeakers means to rise to the greatest challenges. That of the Chorus 700 is certainly one of the most exciting: to offer at modest prices  some of the best Focal technologies that trickled down from the reference Grande Utopia EM loudspeaker, one of the best loudspeaker in the world. Since the year 2000, the different generations of the Chorus 700 line have  benefited from this approach, as we produced speakers that cost less and performed better. To  achieve this goal, we invested massively in a superior method to speaker manufacturing, where intelligent machining and precise handwork were absolutely necessary. It was the only way possible in this drive for quality and competitiveness: development and manufacturing of French made loudspeakers, design of the cabinets, quality control, a total autonomy in the  development and design of our own products. This method allows us to innovate, to entirely and independently turn ideas into reality, to place patents internationally, and have the means to anticipate trends. And finally, to progress. The third generation, Chorus 700 V, goes even  further. A direct descendant of the Chorus 800 V line of which it heavily borrows technical  elements yet with a more traditional finish, Chorus 700 V invites you in to the Focal universe. The manufacturing quality and high-end finishing work are entirely unknown in this price  range. Technology, innovation, tradition and exclusive design are our trademarks, being “the Spirit of Sound”.

Tweeter  TNV

When we improve our tweeter, the distortion is divided by six

After the experience we gained in the creation of the famous tweeter in pure Beryllium, we invented the TNC tweeter, the first tweeter with the Aluminum/ Magnesium alloy. This alloy  proved to have excellent damping qualities too and resulted in the entirely new TNV of Chorus  700 V. A new foam for surround suspension with reinforced mechanical properties, new  configuration of the neodymium motor, entirely reconceived design, this new tweeter benefits from all the latest Focal research. Harmonic distortion is divided by three at 1000Hz, by 6 at 500Hz: the sweetness of the reproduction in the midrange is transformed.

Also, we entirely ceased the use of ferro-fluid in the tweeter, as the new motor design improves the power handling: the dynamic behavior of the  tweeter is improved with a rendering of details and an air in the extreme treble of the utmost quality. The TNC tweeter had capitalized on the immense experience and knowledge acquired with the pure Beryllium tweeter of Utopia range concerning the reproduction of higher  frequencies: importance of damping, elimination of the phase piece for standing distortion, emergence of the concept of optimization of  performance at the source, which consists of obtaining the characteristics of ideal loudspeakers without having to return to mechanical or electrical corrections at the crossover, a very risky and dangerous approach. Sweetness and dynamics in the treble, this is another quality  that is traditionally reserved for the high-end.

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